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Before we start

Before we get started you need to:


A few sample C# class files are installed with the main Ribbon Commander package. ThisAddin.cs shows how to incorporate these classes in your project.

Locating the samples

To locate the samples:

  • Navigate to the Samples Directory through the Ribbon Commander Menu shortcut.
  • Find the samples under C#

Samples reference

Sample File Name
rxTab_sample.cs Demonstrates rxTab
rxGroup_sample.cs Demonstrates rxGroup
rxButton_sample.cs Demonstrates rxButton
rxCheckBox_sample.cs Demonstrates rxCheckBox
rxDropDownRegular_sample.cs Demonstrates rxDropDownRegular
rxEditBox_sample.cs Demonstrates rxEditBox
rxBackstageTab_sample.cs Demonstrates rxBackstageTab
rxBackstageGroup_sample.cs Demonstrates rxBackstageGroup
rxBackstageFastCommandButton_sample.cs Demonstrates rxBackstageFastCommandButton
ThisAddin.cs Sample ThisAddin class - shows how to hook up the sample classes in your project