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Before we start

Before we get started you need to:


Ribbon Commander fully supports XML. All controls are serializable to XML and instantiatable from XML. The main package installs a few XML samples and a workbook (XMLSamplesLoader.xls) that can load the samples and contains delegate stubs for control callbacks.

Locating the samples

To locate the samples:

  • Navigate to the Samples Directory through the Ribbon Commander Menu shortcut.
  • Find the samples under XML
  • Open workbook XMLSamplesLoader.xls and use its UI to load the samples.

Samples reference

Sample File Name
RibbonSample1.xml A Ribbon sample
RibbonSample2.xml A Ribbon sample
DictatorSample2007.xml A dictator application UI sample for Office 2007
DictatorSample2010.xml A dictator application UI sample for Office 2010
BackstageSample1.xml A Backstage sample (Office 2010+)
BackstageSample2.xml A Backstage sample (Office 2010+)
XMLSamplesLoader.xls Automates loading of the XML samples and provides delegate stubs for control callbacks