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Use the Add-in Browser to easilly manage your Excel Add-ins.

You can see a list of all available Excel Add-ins, install/uninstall and load/unload the ones you want with a simple click.

Add-in Browser

  • Open the Add-in Browser from the Add-in Browser Button in the RC ribbon Tab of Microsoft Office Excel.
Add-in Browser.png

  • Install the Add-ins you want and Uninstall the ones you no longer need, by checking the Add-in and clicking the corresponding, appropriate button.
Add-in Browser Install Add-in.png
Add-in Browser Uninstall Add-in.png

  • To use your installed Add-ins simply load them using the list of your Installed Add-ins, the list of your Favorite Add-ins or he Add-in Browser.
Installed Add-Ins.png
Favorite Add-Ins.png
Add-in Browser Load Add-in.png

  • After you are done using them you can unload them either from the Add-in or through the Add-in Browser.
Unload Add-in.png
Add-in Browser Unload Add-in.png

  • You can also add/remove your favorite Add-ins to your Favorites List for quick access.
Add-in Browser Add Favorites Add-in.png
Add-in Browser Remove Favorites Add-in.png